School Ethos

All pupils, staff, governors and other members of our school community strive to put our Seven Key Words at the centre of everything they do. These seven words encapsulate our Ethos, and so underpin everything we do here at Belthorn:

VALUED - our children are valued for who they are, the contributions they make, and the effort they put in; for their successes and for the times they try their best and don't achieve. The work and dedication of staff and governors is valued as being instrumental to the success of our school, and the support of parents is valued as essential partners in the children's learning.

SAFE - everyone at Belthorn strives to ensure that the safety of our children is guaranteed. Everyone has a part to play in ensuring that our children are physically and emotionally safe and this includes the children themselves, who should be encouraged to consider the consequences of their choices upon the safety of others.

NURTURING - it is the role of staff, governors and parents to ensure that our children are nurtured and developed; through challenge, appropriate support, encouragement, and through being given opportunities to try new things. Teaching staff have the responsibility to ensure that their words and actions towards the children are positive, encouraging and nurturing; and the children themselves have the responsibility to ensure that their interactions with each other are also nurturing.

RESPECT - at Belthorn everyone is treated with respect; children, staff, governors, parents and visitors. The views, opinions, beliefs and endeavours of all members of our school community are held in equal esteem.

FRIENDLY - through ensuring that everyone is VALUED, having regard to ensure that everyone feels SAFE, by being NURTURING towards our children, and by treating everyone with due RESPECT, we maintain our reputation as a friendly school. We teach our children that everyone should be treated in a friendly manner, regardless of whether they are friends.

INSPIRATIONAL - it is the goal of all staff at Belthorn to ensure that the learning opportunities provided for the children inspire them, and create within them the desire to continue to explore learning themes on their own, develop the desire and skills to become an independent learner, and the drive to challenge themselves to be the very best person they can be.

ENJOYMENT - it is the belief of the staff and governors of Belthorn that learning should be enjoyable. This is attained through providing stimulating and inspirational learning activities, and through encouraging the children to draw satisfaction and enjoyment from achieving personal goals.

TOLERANCE – our latest ethos word reflects our belief that we recognise that we may have different opinions, cultures or beliefs but that we can tolerate each other in an atmosphere of respect. We will listen to each other and take into account other people’s feelings.

To help achieve the above goals of our Ethos, the children follow these Five Simple Rules:

We respect ourselves, each other and our school.

Play carefully and sensibly in the yard

Always walk quietly and sensibly around school

We listen carefully, answer politely, and do what we are asked

We always do our best